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Why join Fistbump as a tour guide?

Make money in your free time.
Work only when you want.
Easy to use mobile app.
It's secured.
It's fun, meet new people.

How Its works?

      It is pretty simple and straight forward. All you have to do is download our Fistbump tour guide app from the Appstore or Google play and create an account. After creating your account you will have to cplete your profile for your tours to be visible to tourists.

      After creating your account, start creating tours and customizing its settings. you can control everything about your tour. You can set the days active for the tour to customize it according to your time, you can set the price Duration, details, name, etc... so it is clear to the tourists what they are getting.

      Now that your tours are ready, tourists will see it when they search for tours in your city and your tour is active on the searched day. When they book your tour, you will get a request with the booking details and it is up to you to accept or reject the booking. Rejecting a booking does not cost you anything.

      Each time your start a tour by scanning the QR code from your tourist app, the value of the tour is added to your balance (minus Fistbump commision). You can have your balance transferred any time to your bank account with a click of button from your application.